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Boosting Your Gaming Site SEO

July 27 2016 , Written by Ivo Published on #seo

Boosting Your Gaming Site SEO

Getting a gaming website to stand out these days is pretty challenging since there are so many. A lot of people start such a site without understanding anything about how to actually get people to it, and that is where SEO comes into play. Search Engine Optimization is a critical method by which you'll be able to take advantage of the calculations used by these major search engines to ensure your website content ends up in the top. The thing is that SEO has changed quite a bit.

Building back links, or making the greatest number of links as you can to your web page, is no longer the most effective way to increase search engine results. These days most search engines evaluate the amount of people blogging, bookmarking, and Tweeting about your website. While social activity itself doesn't mean that you're an authority on a subject,it does indicate that people have interest in you. This helps differentiate you from people that might (for example) be relying on spam. Real social engagement from people helps you stand out.

For example, consider a person you don't know recommended that you call a company you had never heard about. Now imagine if your close friend asked you to call that same company. That's the contrast between you marketing your business, and social media systems doing your promoting and marketing instead of you.

Ultimately, the most important advantage of social media is that it will let you communicate with present and future customers. Consumers buy from people who that they like, trust and know. Social networking can help you establish these things prior to a consumer decision about purchasing which means they're going to be much more probable to purchase from your business down the road. Some great things you can do in social media are talk about new games that are coming out, what you think about them, etc. while of course respecting any trademarks or copyrights :)

Some people avoid getting into social media because they think it has to take a lot of time, or they don't understand the benefits. It can be fairly simple to do; in fact you can even outsource it if you want. Watch this video for more insight..

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How to Play Blu-Ray Discs on your Xbox One

May 14 2016 , Written by Ivo Published on #technology, #gaming, #xbox, #blu-ray

Hey guys, this quick video will tell you how to use your Xbox One as a Blu-Ray disc player. This can both save you some money and give you added flexibility for where, when and how you watch movies. A lot of people don't even get discs like that anymore with so much streaming accessibility now, and when you can re-purpose existing technology like this to save a few bucks and do the same thing, I love that!!! A great example for this is if you have a separate gaming room for your kids. You can watch TV in your regular family room, while they are watching a Blu-Ray disc in the other room.

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